Arizona Matsuri

2022 Virtual Raffle

2022 Arizona Matsuri

Raffle Winners

 Thanks to all of you for your generous support during the 2022 Arizona Matsuri Virtual Raffle! Special thanks to all of our sponsors that donated such generous prizes this year!

Please find the list of winners below each of the prizes on this page. You will be contacted by email and/or phone to arrange delivery if you have won.



on Japan Airlines
50,000 Japan Airlines (JAL) flight miles that can be used within the next 3 years,
enough to get a round trip ticket to Japan from the west coast ($1,200 value)

courtesy Japan Airlines (JAL)

Robin Kolwicz / AM22-25681



win four Japanese Taiko drumming lessons at Fushicho Daiko Dojo for two people ($200 value)

courtesy Fushicho Daiko Dojo

Virginia Migliazza / AM22-21444




win one (1) of four sets of 5 guest passes for free general admission to the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix (during regular operational hours)

courtesy Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

Marilyn Tang / AM22-26022
Jessica Mann  / AM22-24251
Michele Halverson / AM22-25825
Jorly Chatouphonexay / AM22-22435

Bonsai LEGO Kit

win one LEGO Creator Expert Bonsai Tree building kit

courtesy Bricks & Minifigs, Central Phoenix

Pat Carper (AM22-22903)

MAC Knife

win a MAC Professional Chef’s Knife 8″ with dimples (MTH-80, $175 value)
courtesy MAC Knife, Inc. WINNER June Turner / AM22-24003

Asahi Beer Swag Bag

win one (1) of six Asahi Beer Tote bags including set of three logo beer mug, two black t-shirts, pen, bottle opener, and sunglasses courtesy Asahi Beer U.S.A. Inc. WINNERS Marilyn Tang / AM22-25977 Charles Gebhardt / AM22-22956 Monique Clement / AM22-23135 Shari Capra / AM22-23303 Ken Ariza / AM22-26365 Jennifer Dorris / AM22-25470

The Local Donut

win one (1) of three $25 gift cards to The Local Donut courtesy The Local Donut WINNERS Amber Walker / AM22-21348 Ai Maruyama / AM22-21063 Riberta Smith / AM22-20727

Sushi Ko Restaurant

win one (1) of three $40 gift certificates to Sushi Ko Restaurant courtesy Sushi Ko Restaurant WINNERS Bory Reth / AM22-20953 Dimitri Tallnova / AM22-24613 Charles Gebhardt / AM22-22952

Pokitrition Bottle

win one (1)  Pokitrition 32oz Black Wide Mouth Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles courtesy Pokitrition WINNER Michael Nickerson / AM22-24166

Asahi Bakery

win one (1) of five $30 bakery gift certificates for Asahi Bakery in Phoenix courtesy Asahi Bakery WINNERS Judy Karnia / AM22-23508 Kelly Brubaker / AM22-20270 Pat Carper / AM22-22893 Shari Capra / AM22-23280 Dani Hoots / AM22-23458

Samurai Comics

win an assortment of anime items ($80 value) from Samurai Comics courtesy Samurai Comics WINNERS Jeffrey Raskin / AM22-21307

Collectors Marketplace

win one (1) of two $50 gift certificates good  for any merchandise at Collectors Marketplace courtesy Collectors Marketplace WINNERS Linda Grilli / AM22-26543 Ryan Wells / AM22-23586

Ken Koshio CD

win one (1) of ten CDs of music by artist Ken Koshio (up to $25 value each) courtesy K2Enterprise WINNERS Michael Nickerson / AM22-24179 Killashandra Weisenberger / AM22-25698 Mika Kikuchi / AM22-25082 Jennifer Dorris / AM22-25473 Lucas Kraft / AM22-23889 Sara Fujimura / AM22-21013 Doris Asano / AM22-23199 Kathy Duda / AM22-26601 Ryoko Matsumura / AM22-20155 Jonathan Fultz / AM22-24829

Ken Koshio T-shirt

win one (1) of five differently designed Ken Koshio t-shirts courtesy K2Enterprise WINNERS Anna Leon / AM22-23316 Wesley Golding / AM22-26765 Rebecca Domigan / AM22-24994 Jyunko Johnson / AM22-22367 Atsuya Ichida / AM22-26992

Taiko Drumming Lessons

win one (1) gift certificate for either one private or two Taiko class lessons from Ken Koshio  courtesy K2Enterprise WINNER Elaine Wong / AM22-26191

Taiko Drumming Lesson

win one (1) of five free Taiko lessons from Ken Koshio  courtesy K2Enterprise WINNERS Darian Grigsby / AM22-23569 Yutaka Ito / AM22-20718 Steven Montiel / AM22-27014 Claudia Kaercher / AM22-25360 Trevor Baughn / AM22-26906

Kamon Gifts, Studio Engravers

win one (1) $50.00 gift certificate towards items on the website courtesy Kamon Gifts, Studio Engravers WINNER Hiromi Rozell / AM22-21974

Canvas Art

win one (1) of three different best selling large 15.5″ x 24″ canvas artworks courtesy Wizyakuza WINNERS Laura Cherry / AM22-23348 Seth Schenck / AM22-26289 Larissa Chavira / AM22-24943

Kimono Coat

win a Medium-sized kimono coat. Made in Japan.

courtesy Maruhachi USA

Sara Moser / AM22-23806

Pomegranate Designs

win two custom (frameable) notecards from Pomegranate Designs

courtesy Michele Yamaguma

Ken Ariza (AM22-26371)

Sakana Sushi & Grill

win one (1) of five $20 gift certificates for Sakana Sushi & Grill courtesy Sakana Sushi & Grill, Scottsdale WINNERS Alyssa Nguyen / AM22-20167 Phil Okuma / AM22-23642 Kelly Moeur / AM22-21615 Virginia Migliazza / AM22-21506 Claudia Kaercher / AM22-25399

Toh Zan Nagasaki Grill

win one (1) of two $50 gift certificates to Toh Zan courtesy JACL AZ Chapter WINNERS Rebecca Domigan / AM22-24997 Wesley Golding / AM22-26663

Hana Japanese Eatery

win one (1) of two $100 Gift Certificates to Hana Japanese Eatery  courtesy JACL AZ Chapter WINNERS Duke Pham / AM22-21733 Motoki Adachi / AM22-22111


win one (1) of two $100 gift Certificates to Shimogamo courtesy JACL AZ Chapter WINNERS Lee Sterling / AM22-22292 Eileen Morgan / AM22-21915

Phoenix Sister Cities Membership

win one (1) of three Phoenix Sister Cities 1 Year Individual Memberships courtesy Phoenix Sister Cities Himeji Committee WINNERS Duke Pham / AM22-21726 Ethan Carroll / AM22-20286 Nadine Ellingson / AM22-25111

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix Membership

win one (1) of five one-year family memberships ($70 value each) to the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix  courtesy Doris Asano WINNERS Denise Fuse / AM22-26281 Jeffrey Raskin / AM22-21199 Teri Ishimatsu / AM22-25180 Mari Kaneta / AM22-22013 Michelle Hasegawa / AM22-21802

Stacking Trinket Box

win a  Black and Gold Stacking Trinket Box (2 3/4″L x 2 3/4″W x 4″H) courtesy Arizona Buddhist Temple, Phoenix WINNER Jennifer James / AM22-25913

Chopsticks & Rice Paddle Set

win a chopsticks and rice serving paddle set courtesy Japan Business Association of Arizona (JBAA) WINNER Carlos Hernandez / AM22-23780

Japanese Yukata

win one (1) of three Yukata (cotton kimono with sash)

courtesy Kiyoko Goldhardt

Amanda Farnsworth / AM22-26412
Valerie Softley /
Melissa McClure / AM22-23731


win one a large or a small  daruma courtesy Kiyoko Goldhardt WINNERS Nae Sato / AM22-21827 Kelly Arwari / AM22-20551

Wind Chimes

win one (1) of three wind chimes courtesy Kiyoko Goldhardt WINNERS Ryan Wells / AM22-23589 Jessica Mann / AM22-24339 Yutaka Ito / AM22-20660

Hanging Furoshiki

win one (1) of two hanging furoshiki (two designs) courtesy Kiyoko Goldhardt WINNERS Kristina McGaha / AM22-21323 Calvera Edwards / AM22-23745

Divided Serving Dish

win one (1) of three divided serving dishes courtesy Kiyoko Goldhardt WINNERS Jane Cowley / AM22-21377 Lucas Kraft / AM22-23828 Nathaniel Wagner / AM22-22693

Origami Paper

win one (1) of four sets of origami (3 packs each)

courtesy Kiyoko Goldhardt

June Turner / AM22-24031
Dianne Numkena / AM22-24396
John Sachen / AM22-24525
Monique Clement / AM22-23086

Baseball Cap

win one (1) of seven baseball caps with Japanese kanji courtesy Kiyoko Goldhardt WINNERS Michele Halverson / AM22-25817 Linda Grilli / AM22-26505 Katrina Vanderhulst / AM22-26117 Denise Fuse / AM22-26273 Kelly Moeur / AM22-21595 Hiromi Rozell / AM22-21956 Dimitri Tallnova / AM22-24595

Hello Kitty Bicycle

win a lightly used, custom painted Hello Kitty Beach Cruiser bicycle with basket (approx. $400 value) courtesy Ilene Takiguchi WINNERS Ryan Wells / AM22-23581

2022 Ikebana Calendar

win one (1) of two 2022 calendars featuring beautiful Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) photos. courtesy Consulate General of Japan, Los Angeles WINNERS Linda Billington / AM22-23899 Heather McLean / AM22-22493

French Milled Soaps

win 1 box of 3 perfumed French-milled soaps, or 1 box of 4 perfumed French-milled soaps, Paris. courtesy Anonymous WINNERS Karen Yamasaki / AM22-20391 Lyndsey Hoffman / AM22-20874

Raffle Rules & Information


  • The Arizona Matsuri Raffle is open to Arizona residents ONLY, who are 18 years of age or older (void where prohibited).
  • We accept payment in U.S. Dollar via credit card.
  • All sales are final – there will be no refunds.
  • There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased.
  • All entries must be received by Sunday, February 27, 2022 by 4:45 PM Arizona Time (MST).
  • You do not need to be present to win. Winners will be contacted via email or telephone. 
  • Winners will also be posted on our website and Facebook page by 6:00 pm Arizona Time (MST) on Monday, February 28, 2022. 
  • Prizes will be mailed or delivered directly to winners.
  • All regulations pursuant to A.R.S. §13-3302(b) are strictly adhered to.

About the Arizona Matsuri Raffle:

The Arizona Matsuri is a 501©(3) non-profit organization that was launched in 1984 by volunteers in the community who wanted to promote and share authentic Japanese culture, arts and food with the local community through an annual Japanese festival.

What is the Raffle For?

The raffle is designed to earn operating costs for Arizona Matsuri’s use towards the fees for infrastructure, licensing, and event insurance needed to secure the festival for the following year. The management of the raffle is overseen by volunteer Board of Directors and volunteer members of the Arizona Matsuri Steering Committee.

When is the Drawing?

Arizona Matsuri 2022 Raffle Ticket sales will close at 4:45 pm Arizona Time (MST) on Sunday, February 27, 2022. Winning tickets are randomly selected utilizing online raffle software. Winners will be contacted via email. Winners will also be posted on our website and Facebook page by 6:00 pm Arizona Time (MST) on Monday, February 28, 2022.